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Our carpet cleaning blog can help with quick tips and tricks to help keep your carpets looking brand new!


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Turkish Rugs

History of Turkish Rugs Hand woven rugs can be found around the world and they are some of the most treasured and sought after of all home furnishings. The Middle East is famous for their beautiful Persian rugs and North America proudly displays the hand woven art of...

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Tips to Find a Good Professional Carpet Cleaning Service If savings are what you are out to make, getting your carpet cleaned professionally can give you even more savings. Your time is money. A professional carpet cleaning can save you time and money over the cost of...

Upholstery cleaning for a new baby

Keeping a clean house is important for the health of everyone in the home, but especially for new babies because they are often more susceptible to germs and disease than adults are. Babies have immune systems that are constantly developing as they come in contact...

Upholstery Cleaning Nottingham

Cleaning in preparation for the holidays requires a fair amount of effort.  Most of that can be done by having a qualified company do the upholstery cleaning Nottingham for you. This will be greatly beneficial as it can save time and money.  Your time can be better...

Carpet Buying Tips

Straight To The Buying Tips Buying the right carpet for your home involves a lot more than simply picking a color that you like. You first need to consider the type of lifestyle you live. What are you going to be doing in the room you are carpeting, material, location...

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