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Business Carpet Cleaning in Nottingham

If you’re operating a business, especially a small or medium enterprise, it can be tempting to take care of your upholstery cleaning in house. After all, what more do you need than a quick brush or vacuum over the sofas every now and then? Well as it turns out, to keep your premises looking sharp, as well as protecting your staff and clientele from germs, dust, and other things that could be hiding in your furniture, the best method of protection is to bring in a professional cleaner, who can give the job the attention, and expertise that it requires.

If you’re in Nottingham, there are a number of commercial carpet cleaning options for you. Brenton Carpet Care are one of the most trusted providers in the area, who can bring their expertise in cleaning almost anything carpet, or upholstery related for your business.

Cleaning the upholstery of office or commercial furniture should never be overlooked. One of the quickest ways to have a run down, unprofessional looking office or commercial space, is to neglect the maintenance of your upholstery. Regular cleaning and dust removal will protect upholstery fibers from damage, but it can also enable them to retain their original color and appearance. Commercial furniture is often more expensive than the home equivalent, so why take any risk on protecting your investment?

Commercial furniture, with the constant use it gets, by multiple visitors and staff throughout any given day, can be a haven for germs and microscopic insects. Viruses that cause the flu can survive on upholstery fibers for up to one month. Workplaces are a common place for illness to spread, and a wave of sickness throughout the office can mean reduced productivity, through absences, or from staff being unable to perform at their best. To protect your business and your staff from risk, regular cleaning and treatment of your upholstery by a professional team is your best defense.

Brenton Carpet Care, operating in the greater Nottingham area, offers upholstery cleaning services that can be tailored to meet any business, with almost any kind of furniture. We provide both wet and dry cleaning methods and can work with you to find the best solution, which meets your needs, and your budget.

Our staff are professional, courteous, and have experience working in offices and commercial environments. We can work with minimal disruption to your operation, and can even arrange our schedules to best suit your business.

Whether you are a hospice provider with common, or private room cleaning requirements, or you’re a theater owner who wants to freshen, and get the best life out of your seating, Brenton will offer solutions for any job. If you’re in Nottingham, why not contact us today for an obligation free consultation?