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Car Care in the Midlands

So you live in the Midlands, Nottingham to be precise, and you have carpets in your home and your place of business. You know that you need to keep these clean. After all, you spend almost all of your day either at home or at work. You probably have some upholstered furniture items too, and you know that keeping these clean and regularly treated by professionals maintains their look and prolongs their life. But where are you at the other times of the day?

Most likely a good chunk of your day is spent in your car. If you’re running a business, your car is likely a part of your business, as you travel around to meetings with customers, partners, or suppliers. Maybe you even have a fleet of company cars for your business, and no doubt these see a lot of use too. So then doesn’t it make sense then, that you treat the interior of your vehicles in the same way that you would your carpets and furniture? After all, they are an investment.

If there’s one thing that makes us think differently about vehicles, compared to homes and workplaces, it’s that they’re a utility. They’re just a tool that gets you through the day. So you often wouldn’t think twice about what you’ve stepped in, between your desk, and the car. If you think about everything you’ve picked up along the way, that’s now being trampled in to the carpets, and redistributed around the upholstery of your car, you start to build a picture of how unclean the inside can get.

All of the dust, debris, flu viruses, germs, and bacteria that can be found in your home or commercial space, are also found in your car. It could even be argued that these contaminants are more dangerous in a vehicle because you’re literally surrounded by them in a small, enclosed space.

Most of us would take a vacuum to the interior every now and again, but is it enough? And if your employees are using company vehicles, can you trust that they’re also taking care of the upholstery and carpeting? The easiest way to go about maintaining company vehicles, whether you have one, or one hundred, is to enlist the help of professional carpet cleaners.

Brenton Carpet Care in Nottingham are one of the most experienced and trusted carpet care specialists in the area. We can clean anything from the antique Persian rug in your sitting room, to the heavily soiled carpet in the back of your Ford Transit delivery van.

When you do business, everything from the state of your waiting room, to the inside of your company cars speaks volumes about your company. Ask yourself, would I drive clients around in this? If you want to make sure that your company vehicles are clean, safe, and presentable, talk to Brenton now, to work out a tailored cleaning service, and see what we can do to your vehicle interiors.