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Lowdham Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning not only upgrades your house’s appearance it also extends the life span of carpets hire a true carpet cleaning Lowdham professional. With over 20 years of expert carpet cleaning experience you can rely on Brenton Carpet Cleaning.

With clean carpets, your house will have enhanced airflow and excellent air quality. Keeping your house clean is extremely important to feel nice and comfortable.

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The village by the loud stream, Lowdham, is a small village located between Nottingham and Southwell in Nottinghamshire, England. With a population of just under 2000, it’s a peaceful residential village, and like most of Nottinghamshire, it comes with a history in English industry.

Almost anywhere you go in Nottinghamshire you will find medieval history. Whether this is in the buildings, in the names of places, or even in the surviving family lines living in the area. Lowdham is no exception, and it has its place in history as a medieval settlement, as well as playing a part in the industrial revolution hundreds of years later.

More Lowdham Information

One of the earliest buildings found in Lowdham, is St. Mary’s Church, which dates back to before the 13th century. The church land dates back as far as 1100, and the actual structure was built over time in different sections, with the tower, and the main body actually starting as different buildings. The church is praised among architectural and historical circles, for its simplicity in beauty. The chancel is long and spacious and the church itself receives a lot of natural interior light, something that’s often lost in churches that use stained glass windows. The church today is owned by the Church of England, and used for normal services, but also attracts historical tourists wishing to view the structure. Because of its historical significance, the church is listed as a Grade I protected building.

Lowdham Industrial Revolution

During the industrial revolution and subsequent decades, Lowdham had a significant textiles industry. In 1844, there were 94 stocking frames operating in the village, however there is little evidence left over as the town has modernized and adapted to post-revolution England. The main industries surrounding the village now are mostly based on agriculture and farming.

Today, Lowdham is a village town serving the rural community around it. The village centre has no less than four pub establishments, and is easily accessible from Nottingham City, and the surrounding regions. With its friendly village centre, historical buildings, and picturesque countryside, Lowdham is a fine example of the small English village.

This information on Lowdham, Nottinghamshire was brought to you by Brenton Carpet Cleaning. For carpet, upholstery, car and van upholstery cleaning, or for end of tenancy cleaning in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, contact Brenton by phone, or on our Web Site. Brenton Carpet Care has been proudly serving areas all around Nottinghamshire for over two generations.

Lowdham Carpet Cleaning

Lowdham Carpet Cleaning

If you feel your carpet appears dirty even after many washes, it’s time for deep cleaning. Carpets are essentially costly. In addition, they can be used in combination with different other fabrics. Your carpet was also an extremely major investment and you most likely want to care for it as well as possible.

Upholstery Cleaning

When you book your upholstery cleaning with us for expert cleaning of your upholstery and carpets your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Spot Cleaning

The next thing to do is to take care of the stained carpet with a cleaner that is suitable for the particular carpet fiber and the substance producing the discoloration.

Car Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping the look and indoor air quality of your vehicle interior is essential for health and the worth of the vehicle. You have the look that you would like, minimize waste, and help you save money. There are lots of reasons to employ a professional car upholstery cleaning in Lowdham.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning

You may need to resort to industrial carpet cleaning services to acquire expert cleaning. There are numerous carpet cleaning services to pick from.

Hotel Carpet Cleaner

Steam cleaning on the opposite hand is regarded as the gold standard for textile cleaning. Removal of stains on carpets is likewise an issue that you’ve got to consider when discussing cleaning.

Dry Fusion

Dry Fusion has been designed to maximize cleaning performance on these new carpets.Dry Fusion technology is perfect for your carpet cleaning. In Lowdham, Dry Fusion technology is the province of Brenton Carpet Care, experts in the use of Dry Fusion Technology.

Flood Clean Up

Water in your home is never a good thing, even if it is just a small leak. However flood waters can bring with them a whole new scope of problems. This water is not clean, often times in a flood the sewer systems back up as well so the water is contaminated with human waste. Not only that but it can also carry any other bacteria or contaminant that it comes in contact with into your home.


A carpet and upholstery protector that helps shield fibres from liquid stains. Spills will bead up upon contact with the surface allowing for fast damp sponge spill removal before they are absorbed. It is safe to use on nylon, wool, olefin, polyester, polyamide, poly-cotton and linen fibres.

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