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Sherwood Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning systems also disinfect and deodorize carpet fibres as well as preserve their colour and texture.

The use of the Dry Fusion method means carpets take around an hour to dry, reducing any lingering damp in the room and eliminating the formation of mould spores. It’s safe for children and pets and they don’t have to wait for all of the carpet fibres to be completely dry before walking on it.

We can deal with domestic and commercial jobs of all sizes. Commercial premises such as schools, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, letting agents, nurseries, play areas, all sorts of offices, even pubs and clubs get more traffic than any home ever does, so their carpets usually need much more extensive cleaning and/or stain removal.

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​Sherwood Carpet Cleaning Service

Sherwood is a residential area in the north of Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, England. Sharing its name with Sherwood Forest to the north of the city, the area is one of the largest residential spaces in Nottingham.

The city of Nottingham and its wider urban area is one of the largest in England, and financially, it’s second only to London in terms of GDP. Much of the economy of Nottingham is based upon science and high tech industries, with a strong financial and commercial sector too. Testament to the strength of the economy in Nottingham, many large companies hold their headquarters in the city, including leading software companies like Crytek, Nexor and Legendary Games, as well as other large companies like BBC East Midlands, Experian, Boots The Chemists and many others.

Being just a few miles from the centre of Nottingham, Sherwood is one of the more popular residential areas. Easily accessible to the city by private vehicle, and public transport, it’s home to many commuters working inside Nottingham’s financial, technology, science and commercial industries.

Sherwood shares its name with Sherwood Forest to the north of Nottingham, and the whole region takes association with the Legend of Robin Hood. In English folklore, Robin Hood was a hero who fought against the established hierarchy in this region of England by ‘stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor’. Although the legend is most likely fictional, it may be based on many ‘morally conscious’ outlaws who operated around Nottingham in medieval times.

Historical Sherwood

Trying it’s best to differentiate from the rest of Nottingham’s great urban sprawl, Sherwood identifies itself through community and public events that are run throughout the year. The Sherwood Art week is one such event. It’s an annual celebration and exhibition of art forms spanning many disciplines, from traditional art, to crafts, performance and poetry. The Sherwood community centre also offers art classes, fitness and relaxation classes, and even self-help and motivational seminars.

Forming an identity within a city can be hard for local communities, but Sherwood is one of those places that stands out through its community programs, and its dedication to showcasing the arts.

Sherwood Carpet Cleaning Services

This information on Sherwood, Nottingham was brought to you by Brenton Carpet Cleaning. For carpet, upholstery, car and van upholstery cleaning, or for end of tenancy cleaning in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, contact Brenton by phone, or on our Web Site. Brenton Carpet Care has been proudly serving areas all around Nottinghamshire for over two generations.

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