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Carpet-The Choice for Comfort.

If you’re in the Nottingham area, chances are that you have carpets installed in your home or place of business. Carpeting for many is the floor finishing of choice as it adds warmth, class and practicality to almost any space. Not to mention, if you’re anywhere in the midlands then you probably wouldn’t eve dream of being without carpeted floors during the winter. But why is it that when it comes to cleaning their carpets, many people neglect proper care outside of vacuuming and the irregular DIY shampoo job? Having your carpets professionally cleaned at regular intervals will not only keep your floors in shape, it could save you money too!

Carpets are an investment. Let’s not ignore that fact. Quality carpets can last almost a lifetime, but only when they’re taken care of properly. Vacuuming can remove dust and other residues from your floor but they often don’t remove wet stains and dirt stuck to the bed of the carpet. Before you know it your carpets could be stained or damaged beyond care. Why spend thousands of pounds on replacing ruined carpet when you could talk to Brenton Carpet Care now to arrange an affordable professional cleaning service?

Many in Nottingham have tried DIY carpet cleaning with mixed results, using home shampoo products with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or even hiring carpet cleaning machines to do the job. While this is better than vacuuming alone, it’s still not quite the best option. Carpet machines for hire are often poorly maintained and unable to give your floors the service the need.

There’s also a risk in your standard cleaning products damaging your carpet or leaving strong chemical odors. Brenton Carpet Care uses serviced machines with quality products that are not only environmentally friendly, they’re safe on synthetic and natural fibers like wool carpets. Top this off with the fact that you’re getting some of the most experienced carpet cleaners in the Nottingham area, and the pro’s in doing the job yourself don’t seem that convincing any more.

When it comes to getting your carpet wet, it needs to be done correctly and it’s just another reason why professional carpet cleaning is the best option. While a DIY job can leave your carpets damp for hours causing a build up of odor and risking mold growth, professional carpet cleaners like Brenton can have your carpets completely heat dried in less than half a day.

It’s plain to see that professional cleaning is the way to go in cleaning and extending the life of your carpets. Brenton Carpet Care can take care of your needs around the Nottingham area and have packages available to suit any project at any budget.