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Types of Carpet

Speciality Carpets

During the 16th century, carpet making became an art in both Persia and India. The most beautiful of carpets were designed and hand made in court workshops. During this time, two of the most famous carpets in the world were created. They sat side by side in the shrine of Safi al-Din in Ardabil. The area from which the carpets originated is why the famous carpet has its name. It’s probable that the carpets were made in the Persian city of Kashan.

They measured 534x1152cm and date back to 1539 A.D. The fantastic carpets took five weavers 3 years… Continue reading

Natural Wool Carpets are an Exceptional Choice

With all those talks about climate change, going green can be very important to you. If your home or office carpeting is screaming “carpet change,” is it time to go natural? Can there be more natural that wool carpets?

Nature gave man sheep for the fleece. Over 2000 years ago, man discovered that the wool from its fleece makes a fine yarn. This is among the first fiber used by man and it is still considered to be a leading fiber of choice for carpet to this day. If you want to know why this makes a perfect choice for… Continue reading

Nylon Carpet Features and Benefits

Stepping on a floor with soft carpeting that is warm, comfortable and quiet reminds you so much of home. It is a feeling you would like to recreate whenever possible. The secret lies in the kind of carpet fiber you would choose from among a wide selection available to homeowners like you. If you are out comparing the various patterns, fiber, styles, textures, and performance features, think of your choices and why nylon carpet fits your home to a tee. Specifically, these are the reasons why homeowners prefer to cover their floors with nylon carpets.

• Nylon is the most… Continue reading

Get to Know Synthetic Carpet

When out shopping for your home it is important to ensure you focus on quality. Most of the time when you invest a bit more but this means getting to use that item longer. A favourite home shopping treat is for design elements like carpets. These design elements make rooms more interesting not to mention warm during winter months.

What Are Synthetic Fibers Made From?

When you say synthetic, it means man made. In comparison with natural fibers like silk that are produced by silk worms and yarn from wool. Early on the synthetic fibers were made from natural raw… Continue reading

Cleaning Popular Carpet Types

Having clean carpets is important for the general health and wellbeing of your family. Over time, germs, soil and moisture begin to impact your carpet and allergens begin to build up in your carpet and you won’t want your family to sit on them. While carpet cleaning can be quite the task, you will have plenty of options in Nottingham.

If you have Berber carpet for example, you will have one of the easiest experiences with carpet cleaning. These carpets have large loops that make it easy for dirt and pollutants to get in. But since they aren’t going to… Continue reading

Four Types of Carpet in Your Nottingham Home

When you are looking at a Nottingham company to do some routine carpet cleaning in the home, you will find that they will look at the carpet and determine the material. The reason is that not all carpet materials are the same. In fact, there are four types that will require a different carpet cleaning approach when they are in your home.

The first is wool, which isn’t common due to the fact it is incredibly expensive. It is soft to the touch and luxurious to walk on. This carpet type is resistant to abrasion and has great crush resistance.… Continue reading