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Interesting Carpet Trivia

History of the Red Carpet

The History of the Red Carpet

Everyone has heard the phrases “Red Carpet Treatment” and “Roll out the Red Carpet”, but where did the practice of using a red carpet to usher in VIP’s come from? In the U.S. the red carpet is perhaps most famous for being an integral part of the Academy Awards, as well as many other ceremonies, but the red carpet had its beginnings long before there was a Screen Actors Guild.

The first known reference to walking the red carpet can be traced all the way back to 458 B.C. in a Greek tragedy called… Continue reading

Speciality Carpets

During the 16th century, carpet making became an art in both Persia and India. The most beautiful of carpets were designed and hand made in court workshops. During this time, two of the most famous carpets in the world were created. They sat side by side in the shrine of Safi al-Din in Ardabil. The area from which the carpets originated is why the famous carpet has its name. It’s probable that the carpets were made in the Persian city of Kashan.

They measured 534x1152cm and date back to 1539 A.D. The fantastic carpets took five weavers 3 years… Continue reading

History of Turkish Rugs

Hand woven rugs can be found around the world and they are some of the most treasured and sought after of all home furnishings. The Middle East is famous for their beautiful Persian rugs and North America proudly displays the hand woven art of the Native Americans. Europe however, is not often thought of for its hand woven rugs; unless you begin to delve into the vast history and beauty of Turkish rugs.

Although there is no way to know exactly where and when the technique of weaving fibers into useful items began, there is little doubt that weaving in… Continue reading

Nottingham–carpet cleaning and More.

We’re all familiar with Robin Hood. Whether we’re talking about Kevin Costner’s vacant portrayal in Prince of Thieves, or Blackadder’s Black in Time interpretation of a philanthropic highway robber, everyone has at least some idea of the heroic figure. The stories of Robin Hood originated in the very area where Nottingham stands today, and there are many historic places around Nottinghamshire that are associated with the legend. At Brenton Carpet Care we like a bit of English history, and the story of Robin Hood is one of those folktales that can really get interesting when you start digging.

Historians disagree… Continue reading

World’s Largest Hand Woven Carpet

Creative Commons Attribution License, Photo by FritzDaCat

Creative Commons Attribution License, Photo by FritzDaCat

Hand woven rugs are some of the most unique and beautiful of all carpets, and Persian rugs are perhaps the most prized carpets in the world. Each carpet is utterly unique in design and craftsmanship, and no two are exactly alike. While some are quite small and used as wall hangings, some are large enough to cover a great amount of floor space. For a small to medium sized carpet to be woven it takes anywhere from a few month to a year depending on the design and material. Silk rugs take even… Continue reading

Most Expensive Rugs in the World

Replacing the carpet in your home may seem expensive, but when compared to some of the most expensive carpets in the world, what you spend will seem like a drop in the bucket.

473630_96679694The most expensive carpet sold til just recently was a 7’5’’ by 5’7’’ silk Persian rug, made in the 16th or 17th century. The carpet was sold by Christie’s for a tidy sum of $4.45 million dollars. The rug previously belonged to a tobacco heiress who lest it the Newport Restoration Foundation upon her death. While this may seem astounding, the record may soon be broken. The… Continue reading