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Ten miles to the north east of Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, you will find the tiny village of Caythorpe. This picturesque hamlet at the edge of the River Trent has a population of less than 500, making it one of the smallest villages in all of Nottinghamshire.

Caythorpe is typical to many of the small English villages in Nottinghamshire. There were previously windmills and watermills in the town, linked to the region’s agricultural past, and the town itself has never seen any large scale settlement or urbanisation.
The whole of the Nottinghamshire region was a powerhouse of productivity during the industrial revolution. Many of the small villages, Caythorpe included, were able to take up home based industrial work, supplementing and even in some cases completely overtaking their agricultural industries. In Caythorpe, many of the villagers took to cottage industries like framework knitting, which was a booming industry right up until the 20th century.

After time with large factories in main centers taking over textile work, the village moved back to mostly agriculture, and today it’s a small town of farmers, and commuting professionals who work in the nearby city of Nottingham. One notable business that operates in Caythorpe today, is the Caythorpe Brewery.

The Caythorpe brewery was established in 1996, but it’s located on a site with some history in the brewing business. As with many villages, Caythorpe had its own brewing houses in the 19th century, one of these was located where the Black Horse Pub still stands today on Main Street, Caythorpe. In 1996 a local home brewer set up a microbrewery in one of the Black Horse’s buildings, and to this day has been brewing quality beers from the site. This makes the Black Horse Pub one of the few brewpubs in the county. The Caythorpe Brewery has gone on to win awards for some of its brews, and a trip to the Black Horse is recommended to any visitor, or even those who are just passing through the town.

Caythorpe is a small village with a big heart, and for the residents, it’s a quiet slice of the countryside, which provides a more intimate atmosphere than the big city of Nottingham.
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