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Cleaning Popular Carpet Types

Having clean carpets is important for the general health and wellbeing of your family. Over time, germs, soil and moisture begin to impact your carpet and allergens begin to build up in your carpet and you won’t want your family to sit on them. While carpet cleaning can be quite the task, you will have plenty of options in Nottingham.

If you have Berber carpet for example, you will have one of the easiest experiences with carpet cleaning. These carpets have large loops that make it easy for dirt and pollutants to get in. But since they aren’t going to be able to get as deep into the carpeting, you can also clean them quickly with a traditional cleaner.

In turn, frieze carpeting will be another type of carpeting you will encounter in your home. The problem with frieze though is that it has twisted fibers so stains are more distributed and dirt is better concealed. Vacuuming this type of carpeting usually isn’t effective enough, so you may want to find a Nottingham carpet cleaning company to assist you with cleaning this type of carpet. Especially since you can have nylon or wool frieze and both have a different approach needed for cleaning.

While on the topic of frieze, you will find that they are often called, “stain resistant”. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be stained. It just means if you are proactive with cleaning up spills they are less likely to penetrate the tightly packed nylon fibers or the chemical compound barrier in place. Once a stain has broken the safety barriers in the carpet, it is a smart choice to call in a professional carpet cleaning company that can attempt to help remove the stain when it is remotely possible.

It is important to understand that not all types of carpet can be treated the same way. Certain carpeting types, such as stain resistant, require a unique cleaning approach to avoid negating your warranty. Since qualified carpet cleaning companies in Nottingham can help you to get clean carpets, without impacting your warranty, they will prove to be the best choice for you.