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Cotgrave is a small town to the south east of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. Located within the borough of Rushcliffe, Cotgrave is a village community with a current population of just over 7000 residents. This peaceful town has a history in mining, and has largely escaped urban development, making it a quiet East Midlands retreat, that is still close enough to the big city to make life convenient.

Nestled between the A52, A606, and A46, Cotgrave is convenient to other areas, most notably the City of Nottingham. Archaeologists suggest that the area around Cotgrave may have been settled as far back as the Iron Age, and there’s evidence to prove that it was settled at least as early as the 6th century AD. Excavations have revealed a Saxon Church and an Anglo Saxon burial ground, along with less significant discoveries. The name Cotgrave derives from a combination of the Anglo Saxon term for ‘name’ and ‘grove’, or ‘thicket’.
Cotgrave Park
Around 1950, significant coal deposits were discovered in Cotgrave, which started a population increase, especially after the Cotgrave colliery was started in the early 1960s. Large numbers of miners and their families relocated to Cotgrave during this period, mostly from other mining towns in the north east of England. With the population increase, large housing estates were developed, with miners incentives tied to housing. Over a period of just a few years, the population of Cotgrave grew from just 700 to around 5000.

Unfortunately by 1994, the mines were closed due to low quality deposits and difficulties with underground flooding, and the local economy was severely impacted. Today, Cotgrave remains a peaceful town, without any significant economy within itself. However, due to its close proximity to Nottingham, many Cotgrave residents commute in to the city for employment.
Cotgrave Pit
The old mining sites in Cotgrave have been landscaped to form local parks, with Country Park Lake being an especially beautiful attraction. With planted woodlands, and a canal running through the park, Cotgrave Country Park has become a haven for birds and wildlife, including foxes, bats, owls, and wildfowl among others.

Nathan Roberson, the 2006 world Badminton Champion, and 2004 Olympic medalist is a native of Cotgrave.

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