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Five Tips for Upholstery Cleaning

Beeston Carpet Cleaners Advice

Have you ever wondered about the tips for upholstery cleaning Beeston carpet cleaners provide to locals? After all, the carpet cleaning industry includes furniture as one of their areas of expertise. Tweed, plush, and chintz are just a few of the materials they care for. They know that a few helpful hints will keep your upholstery looking clean and fresh between scheduled, thorough cleanings. That results in happy customers, which is an important goal in any business.

1.Just like carpet, upholstery requires vacuuming. Every other week loosen soil and grime gently with a soft brush. Then vacuum the backs and cushions of your upholstery to remove the dirt and dust you can’t see.

2.Use a baby wipe to quickly clean vinyl upholstery.

3.Leather is a challenge to clean because of dyes and texture. Never scrub any stain on leather. Instead, contact Caythorpe carpet cleaners for professional upholstery cleaning Beeston residents can trust. They have the training and experience to clean any type of upholstery.

4.A pet rake is a handy way to lift pet hair off your favorite sofa or chair. Other options include a lint roller or a wide piece of sticky tape wrapped around your hand. Simply press and lift the sticky part to the furniture to remove the fur.

5.The cleaning service deodorises the upholstery after cleaning, as the enzymes destroy odors and keep the furniture smelling fresh. Your Caythorpe technician can direct you to specialty stores that carry the products so you can refresh the furniture between cleanings.

Professional cleaning does more than remove spots and odors. It restores the bright colors and makes the furniture look fresh and new.

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