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Four Types of Carpet in Your Nottingham Home

When you are looking at a Nottingham company to do some routine carpet cleaning in the home, you will find that they will look at the carpet and determine the material. The reason is that not all carpet materials are the same. In fact, there are four types that will require a different carpet cleaning approach when they are in your home.

The first is wool, which isn’t common due to the fact it is incredibly expensive. It is soft to the touch and luxurious to walk on. This carpet type is resistant to abrasion and has great crush resistance. However, it is impacted by the sunlight and insects are drawn to it. Wool cannot just be cleaned with water and some chemicals; it is a delicate approach, which is why homeowners with wool in Nottingham have professional carpet cleaning companies handle this for them.

Nylon is another choice that is found in homes. This is often used in places where there needs to be more static control, as companies will add this feature in. It is easy to clean and to conceal soil. This is why many homeowners consider this to be one of the better options when they are selecting new flooring for the home.

Polyester carpeting is a cheap choice that works in areas that have minimal foot traffic. In heavy traffic areas, you do start to notice the wear on them. For rooms that are typically empty or locations where the carpet is frequently replaced, this is a smart choice due to the low costs associated to it. It does also resist water soluble stains, which is a plus.

Olefin is an inexpensive choice for indoor and outdoor use. While it has great stain resistance and is easy to clean though, it tends to be a material that most people have more problems with than it may be worth in areas that are hot and humid.

Each of these types of carpet will have a different approach that needs to be taken when you are having any kind of routine carpet cleaning done on them. Make sure you speak to a professional in Nottingham to get an idea about what your options may be and choose a professional cleaning when possible to ensure that the process is handled properly.