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Get to Know Synthetic Carpet

When out shopping for your home it is important to ensure you focus on quality. Most of the time when you invest a bit more but this means getting to use that item longer. A favourite home shopping treat is for design elements like carpets. These design elements make rooms more interesting not to mention warm during winter months.

What Are Synthetic Fibers Made From?

When you say synthetic, it means man made. In comparison with natural fibers like silk that are produced by silk worms and yarn from wool. Early on the synthetic fibers were made from natural raw materials. Like the cellulose fiber made from plant cellulose. As the years passed, the process has evolved using more viable artificial materials made from synthetic polymers. More types of artificial threads were developed including the incorporation of natural and synthetic polymers to create synthetic fibers for the carpets.

Examples of Synthetic Fibers

• Spandex

• Acrylic

• Modacrylic

• Polyester

• Rayon

• Nylon

When it comes to carpets you ideally have to go for quality for carpets to last you a lifetime. For you to understand more about synthetic carpets before making your choice here are some valid points:

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Synthetic Carpet


• Cheap or Affordable – When comparing prices of synthetic carpets and carpets made from natural fiber like wool, you will see a significant difference in the prices. Why? Mainly because the fibers are manmade and the carpets are made by a machine compared to high-quality carpets that also require handmade expertise apart from the raw materials.

• Easy to Clean – This is practicality at its best especially if you have kids or pets in the home. For natural fibers like wool, staining is a big problem. On the other hand, synthetic fibers are usually treated with stain resistant substances that make cleaning easier even if the spillage happened for some time.


• Short Lifespan – Since the fibers are artificial and substances were used to make the carpet, it does not last that long compared to wool carpets. Synthetic carpets also wear out faster, which means having worn out carpets in high traffic areas in less time.

• Synthetic fiber is not eco-friendly – With climate change and all, nobody likes synthetic anymore.

Before getting yourself a synthetic carpet, know what’s in store for you. Ask yourself some questions based on the information here to make the best choice.