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Green Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning imageBrenton Carpet Care has undertaken a new green cleaning initiative. We care about the world that we leave for our children. Brenton has recently purchased a full range of green carpet cleaning products which we will happily use at your request.

Brenton’s Green Carpet cleaning in Nottingham offers you the chance to select the kind of products that you would like to use to have your carpet cleaned. Our regular products are environmentally friendly, but our green carpet cleaning products are more so. Specially created to be more earth friendly and safer for children and pets, you’ll feel good about the products that you used on your rugs. Along the way you’ll feel happier about the things that come into contact with your family.

In many cases, young children and pets are close to the floor. While we do try to ensure that all of our products are as gentle and earth friendly as possible, sometimes you want to take a little extra care, particularly with very young children who may have sensitive skin. Low residue cleaners are the best way to accomplish this. Make sure that the rugs that your baby or toddler may play on are free of chemicals and dyes by choosing our green cleaning products for your next carpet cleaning.

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