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Nottingham Carpet Cleaning – How it Works

Here at Nottingham Carpet Cleaners, our systems deep clean fibres by using rotating pads and cleaning solution, constantly heated (up to 85°C.) We use the same quality cleaning solution throughout our full range of services, allowing us to provide a top class service to suit all budgets. This system helps to reduce soiling of the fibres in future, and also makes it easier to re-clean if and when spills and marks occur.

The heat applied to the Cleaner creates a thermal reaction which dramatically improves cleaning, protection and drying performance. Moisture is “flashed” through the fibres to create a level of dryness never before experienced in any carpet cleaning process.

Nottingham Carpet Cleaning By taking all the best features of hot water extraction (hot solution, “Shot of Steam”), the best features of dry cleaning (low moisture, mechanical agitation) and combining them together with the patented hot cleaning pad system that constantly heats the fibres as they are being cleaned – you have some of the most outstanding results ever seen.

If you would like to know more about the Dry Fusion system for Cleaning carpets, you can visit the Dry Fusion website by clicking here or you can read below to see some of the benefits of our system:

Carpet Cleaning – Stain Removal
Our unique additive helps block dye sites in the fibre that normally allow food spills and beverages to become ugly stains. When re-cleaned with the new system using the “shot of steam” most stains are removed without spotting or special effort.
Carpet Cleaning – Safe on Fibres
Extraction and other rotary dry cleaning methods use high pH pre-sprays to remove oily soils and protein stains. Sometimes this is followed by an acid rinse to neutralise. Most carpet mills, especially using wool or stain treated nylon reject any exposure to pre-spray of pH 10 to 12, even if only on the carpet for 5 minutes. Damage can take place in this critical exposure stage. The new system uses novel technology that removes the heaviest soils from the fibre at pH 9.8. A neutral pH is approved by all carpet fibre manufacturers and mills.
Carpet Cleaning – Environmentally Friendly
All emulsifiers and greasy soil solublizers are highly biodegradable and degrade rapidly. The fresh lemon used as odour neutralisers have been selected for their non-irritant qualities for those with sensitive noses and bronchial problems.
Carpet Cleaning – Odour Neutralisation
Healthcare and sporting facilities are notorious for resistant odours like urine, vomit and body odour. The deodorising removes ammonia and even pet smells. If it works in the commercial sector, imagine how good it is in the home.