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Located near the bottom of a natural basin in the countryside of Nottinghamshire, you will find Lambley Town, a small village that traces its history back to medieval times, and was probably settled in the early Iron Age. Today Lambley maintains its isolation, even though it’s only six miles from the City of Nottingham.

The whole Nottinghamshire area shows evidence for settlement even in pre roman times. Even though little is known about the original settlers, much of the history has been traced from the Roman occupation onwards. The area as a whole was used for farmland, and that’s exactly where Lambley takes its current name from. In fact you can still find lambs grazing the countryside in many of the farms surrounding Lambley village.

Recorded in the Domesday Book, England’s first official census of sorts, Lambley was then known as Lambeleia. To this day a Norman church from the eleventh century still remains in Lambley, it’s a single bell towered church, complete with a rood screen dating back to the 1600s. There’s evidence in the church yard that this area was used for archery practice, with evident sharpening grooves showing around the exterior of the church.

During the industrial revolution, traditional industries of agriculture made way for manufacturing, and Lambley town became known for its framework knitting. Knitting frames were first invented in Calverton, just a few miles from Lambley, and you can still see the evidence of this industry in the town today. Many of the period houses are built with overly large window framings, which were necessary to provide natural light for knitting workers inside the houses.

In modern times, Lambley has moved back to its agricultural roots, but has also become a village of high real estate values, due to its rural setting and close proximity to the city of Nottingham. Many residents make their commute to Nottingham during the day, a city which is home to one of the largest economies in England.

It’s a picturesque village, largely untouched by modern development, having escaped any large scale urbanisation. This makes it one of the most attractive residential villages in all of Nottinghamshire.

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