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Natural Ways to Remove Pet Odours from your Carpet

Natural Ways to Remove Pet Odours

When you have pets in your home, then there is a good chance you have the odours that come with them. This comes from them sweating, shedding and even having the occasional accident inside. While being proactive will help fight some odours, you might find some are tough enough to hire a Nottingham carpet cleaning company to come out and deal with them. Of course, before you turn to the professionals, you still need to spot clean until they can get there. To do that check out some unique green carpet cleaning options for pet odours.

A good starting point is to ensure that you are taking necessary precautions to avoid smells from building up. This includes regularly clean up litter boxes to help to remove odours, giving your pets baths every few months to reduce their natural body odour and switching to natural pet foods. While the latter may be surprising, foods that contain allergens like corn can often cause your pets to sweat more.

As pet odours appear on carpets, take a spray bottle with two tablespoons of white vinegar and fill the bottle with water. Then lightly spray these areas to help reduce the smell. Once you have neutralized the area, you can take another spray bottle with 30 tiny drops of essential oils and blend it in with a cup of vodka. Now, spray the area and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. The area will have a fresh scent and won’t harm children and pets that come in contact with it.

Of course, when you have a large area that needs to be cleaned, turning to the professional Nottingham carpet cleaning teams can be a good choice. With their green carpet cleaning approach, you can count on them to use safe and all natural products that will breakdown the smells and enzymes in your carpets and leave them looking and smelling new. Best of all, the products that they use can dry in just a few hours, meaning that you have a safe and natural way to remove pet odours, without bringing any harm to the pets and children that live in your home.