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Natural Wool Carpets are an Exceptional Choice

With all those talks about climate change, going green can be very important to you. If your home or office carpeting is screaming “carpet change,” is it time to go natural? Can there be more natural that wool carpets?

Nature gave man sheep for the fleece. Over 2000 years ago, man discovered that the wool from its fleece makes a fine yarn. This is among the first fiber used by man and it is still considered to be a leading fiber of choice for carpet to this day. If you want to know why this makes a perfect choice for your home or office carpeting, here are why:

• Wool carpet is safe. It is flame retardant. This makes it an ideal carpet material in establishments that need to meet strict flammability regulations. It also has non-abrasive and non-slip qualities that make it safe when used in walking platforms and stairs.

• It is hypoallergenic. It is not conducive to the growth of dust mites and bacteria. This makes it even ideal to use in homes with kids.

• It is durable. With a good construction, it can stand years of heavy traffic because it is strong and resilient as well as elastic. It is, in fact, recommended in staircases, the ultimate test for its durability and resilience. The high quality backing helps it to wear better.

• It is easy to maintain. It is well-favored because of its soil-hiding abilities. This is attributed to its opaque quality that prevents it from reflecting or refracting light unlike synthetics.

• It stays beautiful for a long time. The fiber’s natural crimp makes it resilient to compression. Wool also has outstanding dying properties and an amazing ability to yield clearer and more vibrant colors.

• It is an outstanding insulator of temperature. It can also muffle sound. These are all due to its natural coils. This makes it great floor carpeting in cold place, in nurseries and offices.

• It is coming from a natural resource. Typically, it has a jute backing that is also a natural, renewable resource. Being natural, it is both biodegradable and recyclable.

• It cleans up like a dream. A professional carpet care company can help you to keep your woolen carpet or rugs in nearly perfect condition by a visit a couple times a year using technologies like dry fusion carpet cleaning.

Wool is an awesome fiber for carpets, but it has its snags. Aside from being more expensive compared to its synthetic counterparts, it has a particular smell when it gets wet, it easily stains and pets seem to like to mark it. If you can skirt these concerns,or you have a remarkable carpet cleaning company like Brenton Carpet Care–what’s to stop you from enjoying the luxurious feel and look of wool carpets?