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Nottingham Carpet Cleaning – Myths Busted

Carpet Cleaning Myths Cleared Up

We have all heard some of the many myths about carpet cleaning. While many of these myths may stem from inexperienced cleaners or experiences had decades ago, they continue to follow professionals around even today. Although many people will avoid doing their own carpet cleaning and hire a professional, they may still think certain myths they’ve heard are  true.

One popular myth that people have heard time and again is that once carpets have been cleaned, they never look the same. The truth is that, if you ignore spills and let them set into permanent stains and then have the carpets cleaned, these stains could show more prominently. It is important to remove and treat spills as quickly as possible.

When you buy carpet, a potentially misinformed salesperson may tell you that carpets should only be dry-cleaned. This is because some do-it-yourself cleaning machines leave carpets incredibly wet. Carpet manufacturers recommend professional steam cleaning as the best solution for getting carpets clean and looking like new.

It’s possible to shrink carpets and/or leave behind water spots when the wrong cleaning chemicals or methods are used on carpets. Professional carpet cleaners will carefully determine the best cleaning method and solution for the type of carpet you own and try hard to avoid causing you a cleaning nightmare.

Another common misconception is that when you clean your own carpets, they will remain wet for days with the risk of mould and mildew growing in the wet carpeting. With steam cleaning, the carpet isn’t actually left soaking wet and the residual dampness will evaporate in a short time.

Do-it-yourself machines that “wash” the carpeting in your home will generally cause you more headaches than the work of any professional carpet cleaning company in Nottingham.

Myths about carpet cleaning are always going to be out there. But thanks to advances in technology and honest professionals being out there as well, you can gain peace of mind and the benefit of regaining the beauty and comfort of your home from the cleaning services they offer.