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We’re all familiar with Robin Hood. Whether we’re talking about Kevin Costner’s vacant portrayal in Prince of Thieves, or Blackadder’s Black in Time interpretation of a philanthropic highway robber, everyone has at least some idea of the heroic figure. The stories of Robin Hood originated in the very area where Nottingham stands today, and there are many historic places around Nottinghamshire that are associated with the legend. At Brenton Carpet Care we like a bit of English history, and the story of Robin Hood is one of those folktales that can really get interesting when you start digging.

Historians disagree on whether or not Robin Hood was a real person at all, but what everyone can agree on is that there were definitely men like him operating in Nottinghamshire between the 15th and 17th centuries. Robin Hood is characterized by his skills with both sword and bow, and of course by his tendency to rob from the rich to give to the poor.

The robbing part was probably true, but most historians agree that his charitable ways were in most part invented. Study of historical texts show that the philanthropist Robin Hood was only introduced in the early 19th century. This was likely because it’s much easier to identify with the criminal who has morals, as opposed to the ruthless highway robber that the real Robin Hood probably would have been.

One thing that stands in the way of historians getting down to the honest truth of Robin Hood is the fact of his incredibly common name. Robert, of which Robin is a derivative, was one of the most common English given names throughout the middle ages. Hood poses a similar problem, because it was simply a surname given either to hood makers, or those who commonly wore hoods as a head covering.

Whoever the real Robin Hood was or wasn’t, everyone can agree that his story has captured generations of children and adults alike. If anything, he stood for ideals in an ongoing class battle, and his simple story of good vs evil is one that many can still relate to, even in our modern society.

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