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The mere thought of living in England is fascinating. Imagine its unique sense of culture, the
open green parks, the intriguing monarchs, and the beautiful countryside and villages. Yes,
England has been bestowed by quaint villages like Nuthall in Nottingham. The place used to be
teeming with trees. This tree area diminished in size through time until it became occupied by
homesteads and hamlets giving way to the Nuthall village that it is known today.

This village is located 4.5 miles northwest of Nottingham and about 135 miles north of London. If
city life does not fascinate you that much, be comforted by the thought that Nuthall retained part of
its old world charm. Living here is never boring as you enjoy the best of both worlds. Its proximity
and integration, however, to the urban sprawl of Nottingham has brought shopping, nightlife and
entertainment to its doorstep, but it managed to retain its charm as an English village. If you have
kids whom you want to grow in a ‘close to nature’ kind of environment, Nuthall is the village for
you. It is close to numerous attractions – zoos, theme parks, farms, playgrounds, water parks, etc.
Some of the fun landmarks include Sherwood Forest Country Park, Wheelgate Adventure Park,
Matlock Bath Aquarium, Twycross Zoo, and more.

These days, the trees that used to be famously growing here are gone. In its place stand a sea of
beautiful homes. Old Nuthall have houses that are characteristically smaller and tend to be less
spread out. New Nuthall includes the Mornington Crescent Estate, the exclusive estate
developed between 80s and 90s that is regarded as the most exclusive and best residential area
in Nottingham area. You will also find Cedarlands/Horsendale estate here consisting mainly of
detached houses popular in the 60s and 70s. Mornington/Assarts Farm, on the other hand,
boasts of being self-contained with facilities ranging from doctor’s clinic to carpet cleaning

Living in Nuthall is with its laidback lifestyle is a great way to enjoy family life. Let your kids be
kids. Let them explore the back roads, the woods and the outdoors. Don’t worry about your kids
coming home with dirt in the soles of their shoes. Those carpets that give your home warmth are
in good hands around here. If you need green carpet cleaning in Nuthall, Nottingham, Brenton
Carpet Care will take the worry away. With a reliable partner in carpet care, how does living in
the Nuthall neighborhood sound?

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