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Nylon Carpet Features and Benefits

Stepping on a floor with soft carpeting that is warm, comfortable and quiet reminds you so much of home. It is a feeling you would like to recreate whenever possible. The secret lies in the kind of carpet fiber you would choose from among a wide selection available to homeowners like you. If you are out comparing the various patterns, fiber, styles, textures, and performance features, think of your choices and why nylon carpet fits your home to a tee. Specifically, these are the reasons why homeowners prefer to cover their floors with nylon carpets.

• Nylon is the most durable of all the synthetic carpet fiber. It works well for homes especially in areas where there the highest traffic because it can resist wear and abrasion. Expect a nylon carpet to last longer than one made from another type of fiber. You can choose between carpet fiber 6,6 and 6. The former is recognized for its durability and strength, but recent improvements have already improved the latter.
• This fiber is noted for its good resilience. It readily bounces back after furniture has rested on it. It can’t just be flattened as it has a great yarn “memory” that makes it keep its twist well. This is why it looks new longer than most carpet fiber.
• It is easy to clean and maintain. Simple steam cleaning is all it takes to reactivate the hydrogen in the fiber that causes the fiber to bounce back after being flattened. It doesn’t show soil and dirt at all. Nylon is not also affected by moisture making it resistant to molds and mildew.
• It is stain-resistant. Advance nylon treatment technologies make it stain resistant.
*The solution-dyed nylon makes the color an integrated part of the fiber that is both permanent and fade-resistant. Hence, accidental spills can’t discolor or stain the already colored nylon fabric. Nylon is available in a wide range of vibrant and enduring colors.

Any drawback? Aside from being synthetic, it has the tendency to form a static charge that can be transferred to people striding across. It can be strong enough to sting your fingers as you touch the doorknob. Nylon maybe the best performing and most popular carpet fiber to boot, but it is not perfect. Knowing the quality of nylon carpet to look for can give you more value for your money when you try to find that warm, comfortable and quiet floor cover that reminds you of home. Brenton Carpet Care will be pleased to help you to keep your synthetic carpet clean and bright and lasting for years. Call today.