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Scotchgard™ Carpet Protection

Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector is the best way to protect your carpet from spills, stains and dirt. It can help to prevent your carpets from retaining stains and building up dirt as quickly so that your carpet cleaning will stay fresh even longer.

Scotchgard is a 3M brand of products, a stain repellent and durable water repellent applied to fabric, furniture, and carpets to protect them from stains.

The original formula for Scotchgard was discovered accidentally in 1952 by 3M chemists Patsy Sherman and Samuel Smith. Sales began in 1956, and in 1973 the two chemists received a patent for the formula.

3M reformulated Scotchgard in June 2003 to PFOS with perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (PFBS) to make the formula for Scotchgard even more environmentally friendly.

Brenton Carpet care is proud to offer the Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector to our customers in order to ensure that they are better protected and that their carpets stay cleaner for much longer. Try out Scotchgard Carpet Protector free of charge when you have multiple carpets cleaned ( see coupon and restrictions)

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