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Speciality Carpets

During the 16th century, carpet making became an art in both Persia and India. The most beautiful of carpets were designed and hand made in court workshops. During this time, two of the most famous carpets in the world were created. They sat side by side in the shrine of Safi al-Din in Ardabil. The area from which the carpets originated is why the famous carpet has its name. It’s probable that the carpets were made in the Persian city of Kashan.

They measured 534x1152cm and date back to 1539 A.D. The fantastic carpets took five weavers 3 years to complete. The carpets were ordered for the Sheikh Safi’s mosque by Shah Tahmasp. The carpets were comprised of Persian knots, warp and weft, and piles of wool. The density of the knots is 518.000 knots per square meter.

In around 1873, an earthquake struck and destroyed the mosque. The carpets were sold to Ziegler & Co. to help pay for the repairs to the mosque in Ardabil. Both carpets were in need of repairs as well. Once the carpets were shipped to England, one carpet was sacrificed to repair the other. Later, the firm convinced the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to purchase the repaired rug.

The other was smuggled to the United States and sold to a private collector who later donated the partial rug to the L.A. County Museum. Both carpets are still in residence in their respective homes. You can view the whole carpet of Ardabil in the V&A Museum. The V&A is home to over 19,000 items that have been acquired from North Africa and the Middle East. The time periods that cover these items range from the 7th century to the 20th century.

Carpets not only hold historical value, but they speak of the time and life of the era in which they were born. It goes to show that with some tender loving care, your carpet could last for years. Pamper your own carpet and keep its beauty lasting. Contact Brenton Carpet Care to give your own carpet or upholstery the royal treatment.

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