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Tips From The Domestic Goddess – Cleaning Stains from Carpets

Getting the Best From a Carpet Cleaner

Part of being prepared is having a good quality carpet cleaning machine to use when you’ve got to have your spots cleaned in a timely way.. Buy one if you can or look around the stores you shop in for carpet cleaners you can rent at short notice.  Many grocery, hardware, DIY stores now have cleaning machines you can rent at very reasonable rates for 24 or 48 hours.

Having a good professional Nottingham carpet cleaner will help when you want to do the whole room or the whole house but having a carpet cleaner will help you in dealing with a spill quickly when it happens, which  will make it much easier keeping your carpets looking good.


  1. When something has been spilled DO NOT RUB the spot as rubbing is likely to enlarge the stain and drive it into the pile. Instead, mop it up right away with paper towels, a cloth or towels.  Place several layers of paper towels over the spill and press down to mop up as much as you can.  I’ve found pressing down on the towels with my foot often gets the towels to absorb more of the liquid, much more quickly too.


  1. Before using your  professional carpet cleaner to do a whole room, vacuum up surface dirt, pet hair, etc. The carpet cleaner won’t get clogged up as easily and the job will generally be easier for you.


  1. If there are stains that haven’t come out with spot cleaning or heavily soiled areas, pre-treat these before using the carpet cleaner to take out the spot.  Pre-treatment solutions are normally sprayed on and left to work.


  1. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction by treating or cleaning a small area in an inconspicuous spot before starting on the whole carpet.  A little caution at the beginning can often save lots of heart ache.


  1. Use the cleaning solution specifically made for the machine you have. Some cheaper solutions have more detergent and can foam a lot more, potentially damaging your machine and taking ages to remove. For wool carpeting use only wool-approved solutions.


  1. To avoid walking on wet carpeting, start in a corner and work toward the door.


  1. Don’t apply too much water and solution. Over-soaking results in much longer drying times.


  1. Overlap the cleaning strokes and always run the machine in straight lines but not more than 2 or 3 wet runs over the same area. Use lots of dry runs, getting up as much liquid as possible.


  1. If the machine has a rinse cycle, use that or empty all of the detergent solution and fill the tank with clean warm water. Rinse the carpet, then do lots of dry runs.


When you’ve finished, open all of the windows and doors to get as much ventilation as possible.  If it’s cold, turn up the heat so the carpet dries faster. Most carpets will dry to touch in 2-3 hours (if it’s not been over-wetted). If you’re still uncertain whether your carpet looks as good as it could or if the stains haven’t come out, you’ll need to call a professional.


If you’re interested in having a commercial carpet cleaner in Nottingham who can help to ensure that your carpets are dry in under an hour, Brenton Carpet Care of Nottingham can offer  you quality carpet cleaning in the UK for a reasonable price.

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