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World’s Largest Hand Woven Carpet

Creative Commons Attribution License, Photo by FritzDaCat

Creative Commons Attribution License, Photo by FritzDaCat

Hand woven rugs are some of the most unique and beautiful of all carpets, and Persian rugs are perhaps the most prized carpets in the world. Each carpet is utterly unique in design and craftsmanship, and no two are exactly alike. While some are quite small and used as wall hangings, some are large enough to cover a great amount of floor space. For a small to medium sized carpet to be woven it takes anywhere from a few month to a year depending on the design and material. Silk rugs take even longer to make because of the number of knots involved in weaving them. Now imagine how long it would take to hand weave a rug large enough to cover an entire soccer field.

The largest hand woven rug measures in at a bit over 60,500 sq. feet, almost as large as a professional soccer field (which is usually just over 77,000 square feet). It is 436 feet long and almost 158 feet wide and was designed by a well-known Iranian artist, Ali Khaliqui. The design is called “Torani Afshan” and is made of brilliantly colored flowers, branches, plants, and leaves that scatter across the carpet in different directions.

This mammoth piece of artwork was created in Iran by the Iran Carpet Company and is the current holder of the Guinness World Record that category. This showpiece was unveiled in 2007 in Tehran and can now be viewed at its intended home in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque found in the United Arab Emirates. Since its placement, it has drawn thousands of visitors to the mosque each day to view this spectacular Persian rug.

A staggering amount of time and effort were required for this magnificent idea to become reality. It was the work of 1,200 skilled weavers who worked for slightly over 1 year on the project. The amount of material used for the rug was no less amazing than the amount of time it took to make it. Some thirty-eight tons of cotton and wool were used in the making and they were woven together with an incredible 2.2 billion knots.

The carpet was woven on nine completely separate looms and flown to its location by cargo plane. After its arrival workers pieced the carpet together to make it whole again. The completed rug was actually larger than its present size, but in order for it to fit properly some pieces had to be removed.

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