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Nottingham Carpet Cleaning – About Us

10530_287745105332_828951_nBased in Nottingham, Brenton Carpet Care is a leading carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Nottingham. Brenton Carpet Care has more than twenty years in the business of cleaning your rugs.

We are family owned and family operated.

You have kids and so do we. We’ve studied the best way to clean your carpet and keep it kid friendly and earthy friendly.

Our staff use state-of-the-art cleaning technology and you benefit from our years of expertise in the  carpet cleaning industry.

At Brenton Carpet Care in Nottingham, we’re able to tackle all of our cleaning tasks with professionalism and care. We clean for a diverse range of businesses in the Nottingham area: commercial premises and workplaces, residential homes, private landlords, hotels and more. Our team also carries out many cleaning tasks for families in their own home.

Our clients choose us for carpet cleaning in Nottingham because we use Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning – the most advanced cleaning technique for carpets and rugs. Dry Fusion Cleaning is designed to tackle modern carpets which have shorter, denser fibers. With old-fashioned wet cleaning techniques, carpets are often left damp after cleaning and the room may be out of bounds for some time. Dry Fusion allows us to perform very deep, thorough cleans with minimal disruption to occupants in both domestic and commercial properties.

When cleaning surfaces where Dry Fusion cannot be used – including items of furniture – our staff use modern steam cleaning devices, which also achieve the same deep clean and superb freshness.

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner in Nottingham, you can trust Brenton Carpet Care to get it right first time. Seven out of every ten clients are returning customers, or new customers who have been referred by an existing customer.

When we’ve finished cleaning your carpets and upholstery, we’ll give you a bottle of highly effective stain remover absolutely FREE. This professional cleaner will ensure your furniture and floors look fantastic over the weeks and months to come.

For cleaning services at a price you can afford, contact Rob Taylor today at

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