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What is Fibreloc?  It’s a carpet protector that helps shield fibres from liquid stains. Spills will bead up upon contact with the surface allowing for fast damp sponge spill removal before they are absorbed into the fibres and causing a stain. It is safe to use on nylon, wool, olefin, polyester, polyamide, poly-cotton and linen fibres


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Benefits Of Fibreloc

Fibreloc helps prevent staining, soiling, and build up.  In the evident of an accidental spillage or liquid getting on the carpet it heps repel moisture which will require less effort to cleanup the mess.  Typically can be cleaned with a damp cloth and splotching.

  • Helps prevent wet spills from becoming ugly permanent stains
  • Based on a fluorine compound that creates water and oil-repellent effects
  • Carpets treated with FIBRELOC improves maintenance cleaning effectiveness
  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous, and solvent free water based formula makes it safer to use


Now Your Carpet Can Last Even Longer!

Did you know by protecting your carpet with Fibreloc they can last longer?  It’s true but using this water-based product it will repel spills which gives you more time to clean it up before it soaks into your carpet and padding. 

  • 21st century water-based protection
  • Carpets will last longer
  • Easier spill cleanup
  • Not just easier to clean it will be clean
  • Less likely to stain

Compared To Other Carpet Protectants

Fibreloc is a 21st century solution non-toxic fabric protector has proven itself to be far more efficient than all other protectants on the market.

  • Non-toxic
  • Safe, efficient, and easier cleanup
  • Helps protect your carpet 
  • Increases your carpets longetivity

Other Services

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

You may opt for carpet dry cleaning, or for steam cleaning or for one of the cleanings that is often called ag chem dry.. You may also opt for regular carpet cleaning. Brenton cleaning is done using state of the art cleaners and with professional personnel who are able to assist you in removal of stains as well as to make your carpets sparkle like new again and to give you the same kind of carpet cleaning as agchemdry.

Flood Cleanup

Besides the obvious health risks, floods can also bring with them less noticeable complications. Water or moisture in general is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Often times when flooding occurs, months later you will find mold colonies in your home, some of this mold can be deadly. Moisture will soak into the walls and floors of your home and over time this moisture will grow mold. Even if everything appears okay, mold can be present.

Dry Fusion

Dry Fusion has been designed to maximize cleaning performance on these new carpets.Dry Fusion technology is perfect for your carpet cleaning. In Notthingham, Dry Fusion technology is the province of Brenton Carpet Care, experts in the use of Dry Fusion Technology.

It works because it doesn`t rely on airflow to clean or to dry. Dry Fusion is the only carpet cleaning system that hot cleans, deodorizes, stain protects then heat dries every type of carpet/rug. It`s all in the same process, and because it is patented, nobody else can use this amazing system of cleaning.

Hotel and Hospitality Carpet Cleaning

We’ve been offering commercial carpet cleaning services for Nottingham hotels, restaurants and office buildings for more than twenty years. We know  what your business means to you and we’re here to help you keep it looking great and reflecting well on you.

We know that it’s about more than just getting your business clean.

It’s about how your customers are treated while it’s all taking place. We make certain that your carpets and upholstery are cleaned to the very highest standard, but we’re also making sure, along the way that any of your customers that we come in contact with are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. At Brenton, our business is our life and we know the same is true of yours.


Who is wandering around your private spaces with possible sight of your confidential documents?  If you’re having your carpets cleaned in your Nottingham business, what  do you know about the companies who are coming in and cleaning them. Particularly if those companies are not part of your community, what do you really know about the work that they do.

Many if not most companies today choose to make long term commitments with companies which they know well. Learning about a company or a contractor and then working with them over the long term is one of the best ways to ensure that you are going to get the business carpet cleaning that you want and that you are dealing with a company that you can trust.

Nottingham Car Upholstery Cleaning

We also offer upholstery cleaning for cars and 4×4 vehicles/people carriers in and around Nottingham. Our Dry Fusion Technology cleaning is not available for car upholstery, so we use our Hot Water Extraction cleaning system instead.

Upholstery Cleaning – Seat Upholstery Only
Car seats cleaned using our Hot Water extraction system

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

Impressing your customers starts the moment they step into the reception area of your business. The condition of sofa or settee that invites them to sit down can say so much about you and your business. Let Brenton Carpet Care help you create a good image for your Nottingham business. Upholstery cleaning is a necessity whether it’s a home or office environment.

The ambiance of a clean and wholesome space can do wonders toward making your customers feel comfortable despite any wait. While your janitor or cleaning services can remove the dust regularly, there is nothing like having these sofas and settees professionally and hygienically cleaned deep down.

Fibreloc™ Carpet Protection

Fibreloc helps keep your carpets clean by creating a protector that helps shield fibres from stains. Spills will end up beading up upon contact with the surface allowing for fast spill removal before they become absorbed. It is safe to use on nylon, wool, olefin, polyester, polyamide, poly-cotton and linen fibres.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Brenton Carpet Care has undertaken a new green cleaning initiative. We care about the world that we leave for our children. Brenton has recently purchased a full range of green carpet cleaning products which we will happily use at your request.

Brenton’s Green Carpet cleaning in Nottingham offers you the chance to select the kind of products that you would like to use to have your carpet cleaned. Our regular products are environmentally friendly, but our green carpet cleaning products are more so. Specially created to be more earth friendly and safer for children and pets, you’ll feel good about the products that you used on your rugs. Along the way you’ll feel happier about the things that come into contact with your family.


Longer Carpet Life

  • Repels stains and moisture making an easy cleanup
  • It’s like an active shield for your carpets
  • Helps prevent stains

Fibreloc Works!

  • It works, safe, and great at preventing stains
  • Extend the life of your carpet by prevention
  • Efficient, fast, and easy

Using Fibreloc Is Safe

  • Non-toxic
  • Water-based formula
  • Safely repels spills

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