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Car Upholstery Cleaning Service

Has your recent vacation with the kids taken its toll on your car, are you getting ready to sell it, or do you simply want to have a nice clean car that you can be proud of and enjoy driving?


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Car Upholstery Cleaning Service Nottingham & Surrounding Areas

Getting a regular or even a 1-time car upholstery cleaning service from Brenton Carpet Care can help bring your car back from the brink of “vacation destruction” and/or the effects of ordinary daily use. We will bring the interior of your vehicle back to a standard that will make you proud to call it your own again.

Monthly (Most Popular)

Let us do the heavy lifting and get your car upholstery sparkling like new again.  With our monthly service your cars upholstery will last longer, smell better, avoid embarassing stains and more!  

Every Three Months

You keep your cars upholstery pretty clean but sometimes avoidable spills or build up can’t be avoided this option is great for people who don’t use their vehicles much or take pristine care of their vehicle.

One Time Cleaning

Typically your cars upholstery is clean, smells great, and you take extra caution to ensure you don’t get any mud, drinks, or other liquids on the upholstery.  But mistakes were made and you need it cleaned.

One time Car Upholstery Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the best method in regards to brightening the colours of the automobile upholstery and penetrating in depth of the fibers. Many cleaners are a breeze to use and might even include a conditioner in one, which makes it simpler than ever to guard your leather auto interior, furniture, and more. If you need a convenient, all-around upholstery cleaning give us a call!

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When you book your automobile with us for skilled upholstery cleaning and carpets. Having a vehicle is similar to a dream turning into a reality. It’s ideal for regularly maintaining your vehicle’s interior. Before using any car interior cleaners, you’ll want to make sure that the car is vacuumed thoroughly. Cars are thought to be among the greatest of the life’s necessities and keeping it clean will keep your car smelling fresh and appearing neat and clean.

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