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Keeping Your Carpets Looking Good Between Cleaning

The best way to keep your carpets clean, is with ongoing maintenance, coupled with professional carpet cleaning. At Brenton Carpet Care, we can take care of you when it’s time for your regular treatment, but people often wonder: What can I do with stains in between treatments?

It’s inevitable that small spills and marks will appear on carpets when you’re in between treatments, and it’s never a good idea to wait for your cleaning service before treating a stain. The faster you act on a stain, the more likely you are to get it out, so when it comes to food and drink spillages on carpets, quick reactions are important.

Soda water, sometimes known as club soda, is an excellent stain removing liquid. The carbonation helps to lift stains from the pile and fibers, while leaving no residue or coloring of its own. All you need to do, is just follow these simple steps.

If it’s a food or sauce stain, using a spoon, gently collect any excess from the carpet, taking care not to mush any of it deeper in to the fibers.

Blot up as much excess as possible using a clean cloth.

Using Soda Water, pour enough on to the stain to cover it, without fully drenching the carpet. Let the water sit and bubble for around a minute.

Blot, again with a clean cloth (just rinse the cloth you are already using). The stain will start transferring to the cloth, keep rinsing and blotting until most of the liquid is gone.

Check the stain now, if you’ve acted fast enough, the spot should be clear again.

If you need to, repeat the process again to remove any leftover stain from the carpet.

After allowing some drying time, vacuum the area to set the carpet pile back to normal.

Sauces, especially those with a tomato base, can require a few attempts using the same process to fully clear the carpet of any sauce. It’s also true that not every stain can be removed without professional help. If a stain is serious, or if it’s time for your next carpet treatment, it’s time to call in the experts.

Brenton Carpet Care have been operating in Nottingham and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. We’re trusted by our clients because we provide excellent work, with positive results, all at competitive prices. Whether you need an in home carpet cleaning, emergency stain treatment, commercial carpet cleaning, or even upholstery and interior vehicle cleaning, Brenton Cleaners are the go-to carpet cleaners in Loughborough and the surrounding area.

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