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Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Helps Save Water

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning has grown in popularity because of the many benefits it offers. Not only does it help the environment, it also makes your home and office a safe and chemical-free place. So if you are used to using traditional carpet cleaners with harsh cleaning agents, it’s time to consider green cleaning.

Old carpet cleaning techniques used lots of water and chemical detergents which were a potential risk to any home or office. While wetting carpets do help clean in its cleaning, over wetting can cause issues if the excess moisture is not quickly extracted. The carpet may shrink and tear from the backing if water soaks into the padding while residual moisture can develop mold if not removed completely.

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Uses minimal water

However low-moisture green carpet cleaning can avoid all these disastrous scenarios as only adequate water is used for cleaning the carpet. This not only prevents over wetting of the carpet, but also saves in costs and needs less time to dry. Typically cleaned carpets takes about 3-4 hours to dry, while low-moisture cleaned carpets needs only an hour to dry.

Moreover, green cleaning uses environmentally friendly cleaners. Though these cleaners were not popular at first as they were very expensive and less effective than their chemical counterparts, today green cleaners are not only as effective as their traditional counterparts but are also competitively priced. This is why many carpet cleaning companies use green cleaners as most of their cleaning jobs don’t require strong chemical cleaners.

No hazards of chemical cleaners

To top it all, green cleaners are biodegradable, as they are made of natural components. This not only leaves your house smelling natural and fresh, it also eliminates all hazards associated with chemical cleaners. The traditional chemical cleaners had dangerous substances that did provide immediate and powerful results, but were not safe for pets, children and even humans with allergies and health conditions.

However eco-friendly carpet cleaning ensures your home and office is free of all these dangerous substances and thus avoids any expenses that may arise from health complications because of adverse reactions to chemicals.

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