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How To Remove Red Wine From Carpet

Wine blotches on your carpet can be very stressing not to mention ugly. Stains on a carpet become an eyesore that can ruin aesthetic appeal of your home décor. If you have accidentally spilled wine on your carpet, it is not a must that you get rid of your beautiful rug. Read on to understand how you can get rid of red wine stains and return your carpet to its original unblemished state.

Red wine tends to seep into your carpet and spread the more that you leave it unattended. If you want to avoid blemishing huge areas of your carpet, ensure that you take care of the stain immediately the spillage occurs. Remember that the more you wait, the higher the chances a larger carpet area will become stained.

On spilling any amount of wine, you should get paper towels and immediately blot away any remaining liquid that has not yet seeped into your carpet. A clean piece of cloth can also be used to absorb the spilled wine before it becomes absorbed by carpet fibres. You can then pour small drops of cold water on the stained area and continue blotting until you are satisfied that the stained area cannot become any cleaner.

The next step should be to fill two containers with warm water. In one container, add a tablespoon of white vinegar and in the other container add a tablespoon of the dishwashing liquid you own. You can then sponge the stained area with the vinegar solution. Dip another cloth in the dish washing liquid and continue blotting the affected area until the stain comes off.

Alternative Cleaning Solution How To Remove Red Wine From Carpet

Alternatively, you can remove the red wine stain using a paste of baking soda. To make the paste, mix one ratio of water with three ratios of baking soda. You can then apply the paste to the affected area and wait for the paste to dry. Once it is dry, you can vacuum the affected area to get rid of the stain.

Though you can use these DIY methods, they work best if you have only stained a small area. If the stain covers a huge area, it is best to call in expert carpet cleaners. You should also call in experienced professionals if you have tried to remove a stubborn wine stain with no success.

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